Module 2

Module Two:

Make Space for THE FEMININE


How would you want to be treated in a relationship?
Where are you being less available for yourself in your life? Not asking for support, have a hard time expressing our emotions.
What nurtures your Inner Feminine? 
If I look in the mirror at my divine feminine, how do I view her? How do I allow her to be seen? What is my relationship and commitment to her been like lately?
How does my Feminine feel about my masculine? The more we love and accept ourselves, the more we allow ourselves to be loved and accepted. 
Write a rant about how amazing your Feminine is and then do the same for your Inner Masculine. 
Appreciation and Gratitude is highly magnetic and transformative.
What is needing love and attention within you right now? 
Your point of attraction is through the version of you who feels empowered, fulfilled and in love.
Embrace yourself even more this week and let yourself soften and let more love in! <3


It is safe to be taken care of.
It is safe to receive more and take up space in the world.