Module 3

Module Three:

Create Your Love Blueprint

journaling deep dive

Look into your life, what are some Magical moments you actively Manifested? 
What distractions are you releasing so you can create a relationship?
Who do you need to be to become your hero, your soulmate, your next level Queen?
How does your Future self, the version who is in love and with her soulmate meet up with resistance?
How does she handle those concerns?
What would be different in your life if you could walk through each day with the confidence, attraction, enchantment, and magnetism of this Version of you?
What boundaries and standards does she live by in her relationship?
What is she no longer available for?
What kind of sacred partnership does she have?
Respond to life from this version of you. 
What patterns and fears are still hiding?
Where are you needing to forgive yourself?


I am magnetic and deeply worthy of love.
I receive love, affection and attention with ease.
I fully love and accept myself.
I am seen easily and drawn effortlessly into the arms of my divine love!