Module 4

Module Four:

Create Your Love Blueprint

Dragon Audio

Time to Create sacred spaces for yourself.

What nurturing feminine rituals are you craving? 

Cultivate space for her to always return to power and home… within her heart.

I see women feeling lost in love, powerless or blinded by love. 

So they repel love… As a powerful woman, you are capable to hold your own space and hold the energy of your soulmate. 

Practice feeling safe to receive. Practice discernment in all you do. Practice full presence to your emotional experience.

Find the spaces you like to receive love and start giving love… 
What does receiving feel like in your body?
What old wounds, stories from our parents, and our past relationships have created limiting love stories and fear play out in your life?
Time to let go… Release….


I release all attachments and limiting energy from my body, mind and soul.
I open to receive love and embody love in all I do.
I am free, powerful and capable of having all I desire.
I recieve what is meant for me now and let go of all that is no longer for me with grace, ease and flow.