75 Minute Soulmate Activation

In this Deep dive Session, I tap into my Psychic gifts and we uncover the hidden barriers and patterns in your love life that are keeping the perfect match at a perfectly large distance in your life. When we identify these patterns, create clarity on the dream relationship, together we clear and heal the blocks at the root.

You are meant for love.

In this session, we do Energy clearing, Deep Soul Healing and sometimes dive into Karmic Attachments that go beyond this life time.

It is a custom journey.

This is perfect if:

Looking for a Higher Level Transformation for your Love Life?

The Soulmate Frequency is for the Queen ready to commit to love and be deeply supported in a next level way. 

This is an exclusive 1:1 Deep dive into aligning you with your soulmate, your pleasure and your soul’s desire. 

A sacred healing and potent level of intuitive coaching, Dragon resonance healing, past life sessions and more, customized to your Unique experience.